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Installation of Apacheweb Docker

This is part of setting up Apache on Docker.  Please look at the overview page for additional info on this process.

Note: A good number of our members and users run unRAID. There will be unRAID specific steps and generic installation.

Installing the Docker on unRAID

  1. Verify that Community Applications plugin is installed.

  2. If you want to run your Apacheweb on port 80, you will need to change unRAID to a different port.  Will need to restart unRAID if you change the go file

    Add -P XX in your /boot/config/go file.  Where the XX is the port you want the unRAID GUI to run on.

    Example: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p XX & /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 8008 & (this would run unRAID WebGUI on port 8008)

  3. Search for “Apache” in the Community Apps plugin under the Docker page and install

  4. We will be editing /config/apache/site-confs/default.conf to add the services we want to have behind the reverse proxy

Installing the Docker on other systems

  1. Verify that Docker is installed on your server. Docker installation instructions.
  2. Installation instructions for the apache docker are found in the README
  3. We will be editing /config/apache/site-confs/default.conf  to add the services we want to have behind the reverse proxy

Configuration of default.conf

  • This is the default configuration that is loaded. Below are a list of applications and the code that will but them behind the proxy
  • The configuration for best security practices is always changing. Please see this website for the best SSL config – https://cipherli.st/
  • The <Location /service> sets the URL. IE: http://www.domain.com/service
  • Both ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse assist in the changing of the URL. Put the local URL following both of these settings.
  • If its in the <VirtualHost *:80>, it will be http://
  • If its in the <VirtualHost *:443>, it will be https://
  • By default it will use generic certs that are generated by the apache docker


<Location /plexwatch> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8080/plexWatch 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8080/plexWatch 


<Location /couchpotato> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:5050/couchpotato 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:5050/couchpotato 

You will need to edit urlbase = couchpotato in the config.ini of the CouchPotato Docker OR edit through General->Advanced in web settings.

Sonarr (nzbdrone)

<Location /sonarr> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8989/sonarr 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8989/sonarr 

You will need to go into Settings -> General and edit urlbase = sonarr of the web settings.


<Location /nzbget> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:6789/nzbget 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:6789/nzbget 

No additional configuration needed


<Location /sickbeard> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8081/sickbeard 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8081/sickbeard 

You will need to edit webroot = sickbeard in the config.ini


<Location /codiad/> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8088/ 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8088/ 

No additional changes needed

HTPC Manager

<Location /htpc/> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8085/ 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8085/ 

Need to change Webdir to /htpc


<Location /deluge/> 
RequestHeader append X-Deluge-Base "/deluge/" 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8112/ ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8112/ 

No additional changes needed


<Location /transmission> 
ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:9091/transmission 
ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:9091/transmission 

No additional changes needed